Practice With Me

No need to leave your house. Join me for meditation or asana.


Embodying Gratitude: A 5 Minute Guided Meditation / All Levels

People are not grateful because they’re happy, they’re happy because they are grateful.
-Brother David Steindl-Rast, Benedictine monk, teacher, and author

Research shows that gratitude practices:
•  Divert attention from stress and anxiety
•  Strengthen social ties and increase pro-social motivation, helping us connect with others
    and feel less isolated and lonely
• Create more activity in the hypothalamus and activate brain regions associated with dopamine
• Help build a more approach oriented brain which leads to greater resiliency in coping with stress


60-Minute Vinyasa Practice / All LEVELS

Practice with me in Costa Rica! This class was recorded on retreat and if you listen closely, you will hear the lovely sounds of the ocean, the birds and Honey, the yoga dog.


Body Sensing: A 6 minute guided meditation / All LEVELS

In this practice I will guide you through each space in the body and invite you to pay attention to the senses you experience.  Interoception: noticing present moment sensations, builds self-agency. Research shows that “body-based work, such as yoga, may act as a treatment bridge, increasing a sense of awareness, safety and mastery over one's body while building skills to effectively interpret and tolerate physiological and affective states”.

This meditation is a simple way to both relax and increase your own body-centered awareness. You can do this in any posture that feels comfortable.