Secrets and Yoga Teacher Training

Do you have a secret?

We all have them: ideas about what we might offer, things we want to do, experiences we want to have. Sometimes our ideas feel too big or too scary. So we keep the ideas a secret. Sometimes they feel so big that we even hide them from ourselves. We put them in a little box inside our hearts and close them up tight. Other times, we let the box open a crack. For me, there are a series of things that might happen from there; maybe the idea will make its way out of the box, swim around my heart for a while and then check in with my belly. That’s when my gut has a chance to weigh in. If I feel both excited and slightly nauseous all at once, I know I’m onto something and the idea gets a little more headspace. From this point there are 2 options: 1. It gets sent back to the box where it is taped up. 2. It gets enough traction to make its way onto the pages of my journal. With any luck, my secret gets whispered to the moon or placed in a prayer bowl. I think you get the picture. Ideas have to go through a lot of stages before they get spoken out loud and assigned a to-do list.

I am reflecting on one of those ideas that is about to move into its second iteration. A little over a year ago, I was sitting with a small group of yoga teachers, creating an advanced teacher training from the ground up. This happened because five of us had a secret and when we were finally able to feel safe enough, skilled enough and brave enough (and a host of other “enoughs” combined with a bunch of “not-enoughs” for good measure), we confided in each other. And it turned out, our secrets were the same. And so our ideas bore fruit and in January 2017 we offered the first We Are Yoga/Full Circle Yoga and Therapy 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (I know, it’s a mouthful). When I feel into the essence of this training and I peel away all the tangible skills and content like anatomy, philosophy and asana, I realize what it’s most deeply about: 1. Whispering our secrets out loud to peers and teachers and getting the support and resources to bring them to fruition. 2. Asking how our love of yoga can serve ourselves and our communities in never-before-seen-ways - ways that only we (or you) can imagine. What came out of that training was incredibly inspiring - truthfully, it was mind-blowing.

What are you noticing right now? I wonder if reading this has stirred anything for you? I’m curious about your ideas - particularly the ones you haven’t said out loud yet. What will you have the courage to let out of the box and whisper to the moon this year?

If you have a moment to reflect, consider asking yourself these questions:

What would I really like to do or experience?

Instead of focusing on all of the “good” reasons not to, just explore how your body feels when you imagine doing it? Where are you holding the idea in your body? When you bring your attention into that space, what thoughts, sensations, emotions and images arise? As you breath, experience your idea as an ember held safely in your body. Imagine that with each inhale, you are fueling that ember with breath and with each exhale, you are relaxing into what is possible. Stay with that imagery for another minute or two.

Now check in. From this slightly shifted perspective, what is possible?

I would love to hear about it if you want to share.

This year, I am going out on a limb and letting a bunch of secrets/ideas happily escape. One of them is another 300-Hour Teacher Training. If your interest is piqued, let me know.

I hope our paths cross soon!




wanna johansson