An 8-Week Course Exploring
the Confluence of Mindfulness, Psychology and Neuroscience

Your Brain on Yoga

Evidence-based practices to rewire your brain.

Evidence-based practices to rewire your brain.

Your Brain on Yoga is an 8-week course that explores the confluence between mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience. Each week we explore various brain functions and mindfulness practices that improve those functions. You will learn to personalize your yoga and meditation practice to address your specific needs. Through lecture, guided meditation, gentle movement, and reflection, you will strengthen and rewire your brain, changing the way you approach your daily life.


Learn more about this course, and the confluence of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and neuroplasticity.

One Hour Class Per Week


The practices we explore together
may lead to:

  • A calmer, less reactionary mind

  • Improved memory & attention

  • Decreased anxiety & DEPreSSION

  • Deeper relationships & social connections

  • Strengthened immune, digestion, & hormone function

Here are a few premises we will work with:

  • What happens in your mind changes your brain and what happens in your brain changes your mind. It’s one integrated system.

  • Neurons (brain cells) that fire together, wire together. Small actions everyday have a huge impact over time and will create new neuropathways. Whenever you do something over and over, you change your brain. This is called neuroplasticity.

  • Your brain evolved to help you survive but it is overprotective and that causes suffering. Your brain is wired towards negativity and avoidance. In this class we will learn ways to shift the brain into a more positive, approach orientation.

  • We will work with a variety of practices that improve various brain functions. In doing so, you will learn to individualize your mindfulness practices to meet your particular needs.

  • Studies show that mindfulness practices 3x’s per week for 8 weeks will strengthen the prefrontal cortex and weaken the amygdala.


"One of the key practical lessons of modern neuroscience is that the power to direct our attention has within it the power to shape our brain’s firing patterns, as well as the power to shape the architecture of the brain itself." 

/    Daniel J. Siegel   / 
Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation