Your Brain on Mindfulness


Evidence-based practices to rewire your brain.

Evidence-based practices to rewire your brain.

The Your Brain on Mindfulness school offers a series of online courses, all with a common thread: they combine mindfulness, neuroscience, embodiment and psychology to facilitate the shifts you want to make in your life. What is unique about this course is that it teaches you both the how and the why of mindfulness practices giving you clear direction around what practices would be most helpful for YOU. I want to help you identify what you want to shift and grow and leave you feeling confident that the practices you choose actually support that transformation.


Learn more about this course, and the impact of mindfulness practices on neuroplasticity.

Course 1: Finding Your Center: Practices to take charge of your fight/flight response and find calm amidst the Chaos

Coming Fall 2019


These courses are for you if:

  • You are interested in the Brain/body/mind connection and would like to explore a more integrated approach to health and well-being

  • You are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed

  • you are not as kind to yourself as you are to others

  • you want to strengthen a perspective of a cup half full versus half empty

  • You want to explore mindfulness practices but with a deeper understanding of the effects they have on your brain/body/mind

How will Each 4-week course be structured?

  • video lectures Exploring how to Engage your brain/body/mind in various positive states of being

  • guided audio and video practices to work with the Course topic

  • A PDF journal including prompts to help you reflect on the Practices and the effects/outcomes you are observing

  • Article and video resources

  • Additional personal support including email exchange, live Q&A’s, Private Facebook group, inspirational emails to encourage you to stay with the content and keep practicing, and optional add-on private sessions to support you moving forward

  • lifetime downloadable access to all of the course material

The practices we explore together Can Lead To:

  • A calmer, less reactionary mind

  • Improved memory & attention

  • Decreased fear, anxiety & DEPreSSION

  • Deeper relationships & social connections

  • Strengthened immune, digestion, & hormone function


  • A MORE OPTIMISTIC, approach oriented OUTLOOK on life

Here are a few premises we will work with:

  • The mind, brain and body continuously influence one another, creating one integrated system.

  • Your brain evolved to help you survive but it is overprotective and that causes suffering. Your brain is wired towards negativity and avoidance. Mindfulness practices can rewire the brain, shifting your mind towards a more positive, approach orientation.

  • Neurons (brain cells) that fire together, wire together. Small actions everyday have a huge impact over time and will create new neuropathways. Whenever you do something over and over, you change your brain. This is called neuroplasticity.

  • Working with specific mindfulness practices will improve various brain functions. You can individualize your practices to meet your particular needs.

  • Studies show that mindfulness practices 3x’s per week for 8 weeks will improve your brain in myriad ways.


"One of the key practical lessons of modern neuroscience is that the power to direct our attention has within it the power to shape our brain’s firing patterns, as well as the power to shape the architecture of the brain itself." 

/    Daniel J. Siegel   / 
Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation