Immerse yourself in nature and yoga

Weekend Retreats

My 3-day retreats are filled with yoga, wandering in nature, dreamwork, imagery, delicious organic vegetarian meals, group sharing and whatever else we might dream up. At night you might find yourself stargazing in a hot tub, sitting around a fire, or basking in a candlelight yoga practice.



Here are a few things you will experience on my retreats that you might be pulled towards:

  • Take a break from tending to others and allow yourself to be nurtured

  • Reset your nervous system

  • Deepen your yoga practice

  • Live in dreamtime for a few precious days

  • Pay deeper attention to the natural world and your own internal stirrings

  • Reconnect to what you most love

  • Work with your dreams - both waking and sleeping

  • Connect to a very sweet group of yogis and have fun!

  • Shift perspectives and re-enter your life with a greater understanding of your inner and outer worlds


"Rachel’s weekend retreats are a rare opportunity to safely and comfortably become immersed in your yoga and meditation practice.

Through guided journaling you are allowed to privately explore yourself, your life...whatever you need.

Through guided meditation you have the chance to continue and expand your exploration.

Through solo nature walks/hikes you can simply enjoy your surroundings or settle into another personal movement-meditation.

With Rachel yoga asana is truly a preparation for meditation. Your body and mind are balanced, stretched, soothed."


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