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Public Classes

even in a public class, there is alway space to find your own practice.

I have been doing yoga for 25 years and I have a personal home practice. That said, I will never stop taking public classes. I love the feeling of practicing yoga next to other people. Even if we don’t know one another and we don’t speak before or after class, I still feel comforted and supported by the teacher and the community of students that show up to practice and receive. I leave feeling nourished and more connected to others.  

My public classes are all open level which means that you can join me regardless of how long you have been practicing yoga. While we may be practicing together, there is always permission and encouragement for you to take care of yourself in any way you need to. I offer modifications and variations so that you can find just the right version of the pose for you. You are welcome to skip poses that don’t support you or vary sequences on your own when you feel pulled to do so. In other words, even in a public class, there is alway space to find your own practice!

***I am currently living in Spain and only offering classes online.





Individual Yoga Instruction 

Focused one-on-one attention
can vastly expand your yoga practice

A private yoga session gives you an opportunity to learn at your own pace and tailor your practice to meet your individual needs. Together we will discuss your personal goals and assess how your yoga practice can more fully support you physically, emotionally and mentally.

Individual Yoga Therapy Sessions

Explore how you can bring your insights into action.

In a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session, I guide you through awareness exercises and assisted yoga postures designed to draw your attention inward. I invite you to explore sensations, emotions, memories, and images that arise. As I support you in the postures, we engage in a dialogue that connects your present moment experience to what is unfolding in your life. Each session includes an integration period to assist you in processing your experience and to help you explore how you can bring your insights into action.

Over 20 years of experience in yoga therapy and counseling.

Over 20 years of experience in yoga therapy and counseling.

Evidence-based practices to rewire your brain

Evidence-based practices to rewire your brain

Your Brain on Mindfulness

An 8-week online Mindfulness series to change your brain

Your Brain on Yoga is a course that explores the confluence between mindfulness, psychology, embodied cognition and neuroscience. Each week we explore various brain functions and mindfulness practices that improve those functions. You will learn to personalize your yoga and meditation practice to address your specific needs. Through lecture, guided meditation, gentle movement, and reflection, you will strengthen and rewire your brain, changing the way you approach your daily life.


Yoga Teacher Training

yoga alliance certified 200-Hr Foundational & 300-HR ADVANCEd Yoga teacher trainings

I am the program director of the 200 and 300 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Trainings at We Are Yoga. Students come to explore a career in yoga or simply to dive deeper into yogic studies. The focus of our trainings is the individual journey. I am not interested in teaching you to teach like me. My passion is offering yogic principles that will support you in living and working in your own unique and authentic way.

Take your practice to the next level and learn to skillfully share it with others.

Take your practice to the next level and learn to skillfully share it with others.

A 5 week program incorporating yoga, meditation, contemplation and an optional Ayurvedic cleanse.

A 5 week program incorporating yoga, meditation, contemplation and an optional Ayurvedic cleanse.


28 Days to Restore & Purify 

A 5-Week series to reset your body & mind 

28 Days is a multi-layered cleanse that moves through the koshas - the subtle layers of the body. It includes 5 weekly classes, an optional 4 to 14 day cleanse, and a weekly email with audio and video practices, inspirations and reflections. Each week we will focus on one of the 5 koshas, as we explore how to work with the physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual bodies. This is an opportunity to listen deeply, purify, and create daily routines that support a healthier, more integrated approach to the mind, body and spirit.


DIVE Deeper

My retreats are about taking a step back in order to gain more perspective. When we look at things too closely, our vision is often narrow and blurred. When we take ourselves out of our everyday lives - our work, our relationships, our responsibilities - we are able to take a better look and our vision become clearer, our perspective larger. Sometimes it takes that distance to see what isn’t working and maybe more importantly, what is. When we are stressed, when our nervous systems are slightly out of whack, our actions tend to be more unconscious. We plug into unconscious patterns and respond to stimulus without thinking. We often act in ways we wish we hadn’t. What is often most important is to begin the process of resetting the nervous system, dropping into the parasympathetic or “rest and digest" system. Once we get ourselves out of the sympathetic or “fight/flight/freeze” response, our vision expands. From this larger more spacious vision, we take stock, acknowledge our hopes, and set new intentions. We begin to deepen and support the patterns that are working well and rewire the patterns that no longer serve us.

Nature focused transformational retreats locally and internationally.

Nature focused transformational retreats locally and internationally.


Phoenix Rising
Yoga Therapy Groups

These 8-week workshops combine yoga, breathwork, guided meditation and group processing. Each session is rooted in a different therapeutic theme and includes an all-levels yoga class and embodied mindfulness practices. As we move through different postures we pay attention to sensations, emotions, and images that arise. This inspires an inner dialogue that helps us reflect on our lives and align our external responses and actions to our internal wisdom. Sharing among participants is encouraged but not mandatory. (No prior yoga experience needed.)


DIVE Deeper

Whether it's breaking down an arm balance, supporting a meditation practice, decoding yoga philosophy, or understanding breath exercises, I offer a range of workshops throughout the year. These can be anywhere from 2 hours to an afternoon, and they are a great
opportunity to address what get's lost in the public class. Some past workshops include:

• the practice:
ARM balances + inversions + backbends

• the eight liMBs of yoga:
an experiential exploration

• craniosacral restorative workshop

If you'd like to receive updates for upcoming workshops and specialty classes please fill out the form below. I do not share your email with anyone, and send out an average of four emails per year.


"I adore Rachel. Because of her intimate knowledge of the practice of Yoga, she is a talented mentor who has a sense of what you need and when to challenge to move you forward. I am a better person from my association with her."